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body and voice

I wish things were easier. To understand what I feel and how to communicate it. If my mind could be my body, I think I would understand. My body and I have good communication and understanding. She tells me something, I listen. Though sometimes I question her. Wonder if she is telling the truth, mostlyContinue reading “body and voice”

Noticing in Stillness

Holding on takes effort Letting go is a practiceRequiring trust and belief  Defending demands alertness Opening is about doing lessJust allowing and being Protection was the intention Separation was the outcome  Perfection was the showTo please the audience  And after years and years It all became too hard to continue  The soft, imperfect and open woman IS what IS

Video: 30min off your feet practice

The holidays are upon us and for many that brings joy and for many that brings stress. I invite you to join me in the appx 30min practice where are off your feet (no standing). Take some time for you, be kind, be gentle and enjoy. Find the Video HERE

Practicing Patience

As I sit, I sit patiently I notice my breath and heartbeat Sometimes I’ll pick the slow lane, allowing all to pass me byAn opportunity to practice  At the grocery store the lady in front asks if I want to move ahead, I politely decline An opportunity to practice  At the doctors office, I grow impatient andContinue reading “Practicing Patience”

Self Compassion

Self – me as a humanCompassion – kindness to self At times I have thought I was a machine (or that I shall perform like a machine)Put something in…. Whatever I desire comes out The thing is, machines don’t  have feelings or emotionsThey don’t require relationships and human connection that nourish the soul. They don’tContinue reading “Self Compassion”

New Classes Added (Aug 2021)

Starting Aug 2nd I’ll be teaching every Monday, Wednesday and Friday am 9:15-10:30am at Power yoga east. Please come and take class with me, I would love to see your faces in person. As well as my virtual classes: Deep stretch Tuesday’s 9:30amGentle Vinyasa Saturday’s 8:30am (Register on my calendar page)

on making time

I’ll never just find the time to do what I want. The time won’t just show up. Unfortunately its not like magic and won’t just appear. It’s going to take effort and mindfulness to make time. Also communicating to your family and friends so they know what you need and want in life. The lastContinue reading “on making time”

imperfectly perfect

It’s taken some time to understand this. That I am imperfectly, perfect. Accepting myself as is, loving myself and having compassion. Mindset by Carol Dweck was one of the first books to help me understand this. The book was recommended to me many years ago by a dear friend’s fathers. I had a post itContinue reading “imperfectly perfect”


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