imperfectly perfect

It’s taken some time to understand this. That I am imperfectly, perfect. Accepting myself as is, loving myself and having compassion. Mindset by Carol Dweck was one of the first books to help me understand this. The book was recommended to me many years ago by a dear friend’s fathers. I had a post it note on my bulletin board for years. Then, it was required ready at my last place of employment.

Dweck talks about fixed vs growth mindset. When reading I reflected back on my life and saw I had been paralyzed by perfection (fixed mindset). There were many things I would not try in fear of messing up or looking bad. Understanding this helped me adopt a growth mindset. Trying, failing, learning and growing.

In yoga we show up to our mat, accepting ourself as is, with willingness to be curious, trusting that our breath (the one constant in life) is our guide. If we are not breathing, it’s likely something is not quite right. Bringing attention back to the breath and if we are not able to do that, we back off or make a change. I encourage you in life, on and off the mat to continue to breathe and use your breath as your guide.

I am accepting of my imperfectly perfect self. I am worthy of love and continually learning and growing.


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