on making time

I’ll never just find the time to do what I want. The time won’t just show up. Unfortunately its not like magic and won’t just appear. It’s going to take effort and mindfulness to make time. Also communicating to your family and friends so they know what you need and want in life.

The last few weeks I have been up in Oregon with my family. Staying at my sister’s house with her husband, dog and child. It’s been wonderful to be surrounded by humans and pups and also a little tiring. As a woman who lives alone and sets her own schedule I don’t report my “doings” to anyone. This past week letting people know where I will be, when my clients are and coordinating schedules has been a little task.

a rare svassana with Boone

I’ve taken time to do yoga a handful of times, walked with my sister and meditated a few times. When we arrive home I feel the need to be social, when in fact I could take a little time for myself and step up into my room to take care of me.

Self care to some, is thought of as selfish. Though, without the care of self we are not able to care and be best for others. As I coach clients, we talk about ways to add in what is missing in life, be it movement, nutrients or rest. These all require making time or being creative with our schedule to prioritize what is important.

As I move into the weekend I will be intentional in making more time to take care of me. Now, at home today I drank my celery juice, meditated, took a walk with a friend then off to workout this evening. I am feeling recharged and grateful to have family and friends. Also grateful to be home and finding a little rhythm.


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