Self Compassion

Self – me as a human
Compassion – kindness to self

At times I have thought I was a machine (or that I shall perform like a machine)
Put something in…. Whatever I desire comes out

The thing is, machines don’t  have feelings or emotions
They don’t require relationships and human connection that nourish the soul.
They don’t usually make mistakes.

I, as a human, require softness
I require love and tenderness
I mess up and that is how it’s suppose to be
I have an understanding of that now

When I mess up (as I do as a human)
I am kind to myself
I am kind to others when they mess up
It took me a bit more time to develop that skill with myself

Life is easier now
I choose less resistance 
I choose less effort 
Compassion is my choice
Compassion is kindness
Compassion is what I choose 

I am a human being who is self compassionate. 


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