Practicing Patience

As I sit, I sit patiently 
I notice my breath and heartbeat

Sometimes I’ll pick the slow lane, allowing all to pass me by
An opportunity to practice 

At the grocery store the lady in front asks if I want to move ahead, I politely decline 
An opportunity to practice 

At the doctors office, I grow impatient and feel my heart race 
Another opportunity to practice 

As I speak to a man, he struggles to find the right word, I remind myself to allow him space
Another opportunity to practice 

These opportunities are all around
My slowing down creates more of them
It’s me that allows for practice or suffers with impatience

Those around me must feel my impatient and unsettled energy 

My breath is my guide, the always ebb and flow 

I prefer the patient me 
Kind, slow, gentle and patient 


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