body and voice

I wish things were easier.

To understand what I feel and how to communicate it.

If my mind could be my body, I think I would understand.

My body and I have good communication and understanding.

She tells me something, I listen. Though sometimes I question her. Wonder if she is telling the truth, mostly I say. I hear you and decide to sit tight or keep going. 

If the words came like movement it would be a beautiful dance. With flow and ease. Lines that were beautiful, smooth and connected.  Instead my voice feels choppy and breathless. Like I’m almost drowning. Wishing I could find the right words for the feeling, and then let those words out into a beautiful melody. 

So, I sit in my body. Then I move in my body. Then breathe into her and ask what is it you need. To move, express, want, desire, give, flow, show, know.

Maybe it’s all of it or none of it. 

Just be. It could be that all there is to do is nothing. To just be me. To feel me.

And if I decide to share my words, do so with kindness and respect. Not worrying about the thoughts of others. 

Breathing, being and accepting. 

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