Today’s Hike

I needed and wanted to get out.  So, I did, to nature. To see what the recent rains have brought.  They brought hydration, rejuvenation and I might say, a reordering of things.  

The trail felt stable and soft. It’s like it yielded to me with each step.  I could feel the grounding of the trail even through my shoes. It’s slight instability keeps me on my toes.  The constant change of scenery and sounds create a visual and auditory sensory experience. 

Nature. I’ve been turning on your sounds at night. The rushing stream.  Different than an ocean or river.  This stream is full of life.  Bubbling, roaring, rushing, you almost look susday, that’s that life force moving in you.  Swirling and turning, sliding and dropping, at times you sit still, but now, now you are alive.  Alive, flowing with beauty. I could watch you for hours. 

Could I let this experience fulfill me?  Can she nourish me in a way I allow others things to? Or maybe she is what I am missing.  The continual change, flow and roar. 

I took the time to sit, meditate and write a few words down. Listening, feeling, and just being. I’ll guess I’ll go to the bridge.  I’m not looking for more. Just different. The numbness is here. And I am aware.  It’s time for change.  

I I took the same path up and down on today’s hike. No need to see my ocean friend today.  Though I hear you to have a roar about you. Maybe it’s the wind. The infusing of life force in you.  Is that what stirs you up.  I know you crash hard.  They’ve pulled back the lifeguard stands.  The season has changed.  We are in winter, and I am grateful for your light each day and the darkness each night. The ever extending light.   Working with water to nourish, replenish and revitalize. 

Nature, I’m grateful for you. Thank you for brining me joy!


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