Defense and Difference

I’ve lived on the defense most of my life. I’ll tell you, it’s EXHAUSTING. I’ve felt the need to defend myself because at some point, or many times someone noted that I was different. (Which to me didn’t seem so good) I now see my differences as something of value and beauty. 

When someone or something is different than you, you have to notice that. And noticing something that is different takes a bit of acknowledgment. Noting the difference can be a beautiful thing. Though some of us have been taught the these differences are bad. The thing is they are just that, different. 

I grew up with trees and by the ocean. To me, that was beautiful. I remember the first time I went to the desert I was like, woah.. I don’t like this, it’s so dry. I was wondering where are all the trees and water? Now, I see the beauty in the difference in what I grew up with. In fact, without the differences life would be all the same and boring. 

In my acceptance (and continued practice) of self acceptance. There is no need to defend me. I was put on this earth, just as the trees, sand, rocks and spiders. All beautiful and all different. 

I am done with defense

I am different

I am beautiful, just like the desert 


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